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Veterinarian Licensure Application Process

Applicants Currently Licensed in Other Jurisdictions

The Board holds examinations two times per year, usually in June and November. You may apply for a temporary permit to practice in the state until the next examination is given.

  • You must complete the North Dakota state application.
  • If you have a documented disability covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act for which you need accomodations, please contact the Board Office 30 days prior to the application deadline.
  • Your North Dakota application must be accompanied by:
    • Document(s) verifying your degree:
      • A copy of your diploma conferring your veterinary degree or, an official copy of your transcripts.
      • If you are a graduate from a non-accredited College of Veterinary Medicine, a copy of your ECFVG or PAVE certificate.
    • Verification from the state boards where you now hold, or have held a veterinary license.  Options for verification include:
      • Online verification.  This can be done through the AAVSB website at www.aavsb.org if VAULT premium transfer is selected.  This is the preferred method for license verification.
      • Written verification.  Download the Verification of Licensure Form and send to the appropriate licensing agencies.
    • Your NBE/CCT or NAVLE score(s) must be transferred to the North Dakota Board by the Veterinary Information Verifying Agency (VIVA) found on the AAVSB website at www.aavsb.org.
    • A recent photo of yourself.
    • Payment of the application fee ($75.00) and the annual license fee ($90.00, paid annually on or before June 30) for a total of $165.00.
  • You may also apply for a temporary permit ($40.00) to practice veterinary medicine until the next state board examination. Please refer to the Veterinary Temporary Permit Application Process.
  • The North Dakota examination will consist of an online examination covering North Dakota laws and regulations governing the practice of veterinary medicaine. This is an open book examination. A copy of the North Dakota Board Rules and Practice Act will be sent with the instructions for the written examination. Information regarding USDA accreditation procedure will be provided.

Please contact the Board office if you have any questions.


Updated 04/09/2022