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Complaint Process



Citing from the Board Rules (NDAC 87-05-01-01):  Any person may file a written complaint with the board setting forth the specific charges upon which the complaint is made. Upon receiving a complaint, the board shall notify the veterinarian of the complaint and request the veterinarian provide a written response to the complaint within twenty days of receipt of the board’s letter. The veterinarian’s response will be made available to the complainant.

After receiving the response, the board will review the complaint and response and determine whether, on its face, the complaint warrants further action by the board. If the board determines the complaint does not warrant further action, the complaint is dismissed and the complainant and the veterinarian will be notified in writing of the boards action. If the board determines the complaint warrants additional investigation, the board will determine whether the complaint should be referred to a peer review committee for investigation or whether the investigation should be conducted by other means. If the board determines sufficient information exists to warrant initiating formal disciplinary action, a formal complaint will be filed pursuant to North Dakota Century Code chapter 28-32.


The board does not accept complaints against veterinary practices, only against licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Complaints must address one or more specific grounds for discipline as listed in the practice act (NDCC 43-29-14), or unprofessional conduct as outlined in the board rules (NDAC 87-05-02).  These documents are available elsewhere on this web site.


Download the Veterinarian/Veterinary Technician Complaint Form



Unlicensed Practice

Practicing veterinary medicine without a license is a violation of the practice act and is also a class B misdemeanor. The board has created a form to use to report persons who may be practicing veterinary medicine without a license. The board will review each of these complaints and take appropriate action.


Download the Unlicensed Practice Complaint Form


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Updated 3/8/2022